Memories…Crispy Fishy Memories

20140623_18245220140623_190956This dish takes me back over two decades and 3000 odd miles to New Zealand my home country. It is whitebait, albeit from China but it is legendary fare from the land of the long white cloud. People have died for it both by misadventure while gathering it and at the end of a gun for poaching on someone else’s  territory20140623_185340. I’m not sure if it was the country of origin or the fact they were snap frozen but they were not quite as tasty as I remember but they were bloody close enough. I did them two ways. Some I dredged in seasoned flour and then just deepfried in really hot peanut oil and I made the traditional whitebait fritters with the rest. How else was I going to have the obligatory whitebait fritter sandwich? I have to say the crispy little fischips were the best and I could easily eat a kilo or two. While they can fetch as much as $90 kg in NZ these were only $15kg so NZ should do their utmost to keep the cheap import out or risk losing a commercial/cottage industry altogether. At that price I’m prepared to think Kiwi and eat chinese.20140623_19175320140623_192430


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