Ichi Ban Kushi-age

20140611_193830 Finally!, Fish Kushi-age. I have been threatening to make this dish for a long time but never seemed to get to it. I have made beef kushi-age a few times and it is really good too. I actually went to make this on the weekend but got to the fish processor too late and they had sold out of Coral Trout. Of course you could make it with any fish but coral trout is particularly white and suits the purpose well. It was ridiculously expensive at $49kg, especially considering a short 15min boat trip from here you can catch your own. I only need half a kilo so that was ok. Half the fun of this dish is the process, blanching the asparagus and carrot for the filling, slicing some battons of nice sharp cheddar cheese for same, making a garnish for the plate and in this instance roasting some pumpkin seeds for a salty crunch. The batter is a tricky one being just flour and egg yolks but a little practice makes perfect and then you dip the battered fish in Panko crumbs as well. The tricky bit now is deep frying them to golden goodness while ensuring you cook the roll of trout right through. A little light sashimi soy and you will be Ichi Ban in the kitchen.20140611_19381120140611_182353


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