Twice Cooked Quail w/ Roast Vegetables and Red Wine Reduction

20140608_193212 My supermarket is stocking quail now so I have been seeing them on special for as little as $8.80 a pair. I got some today and decided to do a little game roast. I cut the legs free and de-boned them just leaving the end of the drumstick for a handle. Just cut down the bone exposing it with a scraping motion until all meat is released, then cut the bone just below top end. I released the breasts from the bone as a pair then stuffed them with cous cous, spices and sultanas and rolled and tied in clingwrap. I did the same to the legs but stuffed them with spiced pear paste. I then poached the breast and legs for a few minutes to set the shape and par cook. After that they just need a quick pan sear to caramelise the outside. I served them with roast potato, pumpkin and sweet potato all on a beetroot and apple cider vinegar puree.  I made the red wine reduction by pan frying the quail bones and making a stock with them then adding the red wine and reducing then add a teaspoon of butter and cornf20140608_193235lour to emulsify the sauce


picasso ate here


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