New addition to the Kitchen Weapons

20140317_10272520140317_10264420140317_10284520140317_102932 It was my birthday on St Patrick’s day and the bride surprised me with a new Chefs knife. Now my knife roll holds about ten knives and is full and I have three main knives in the galley draw that I use on a day to day basis. My favourite go to knife is also an I.O.SHEN Nirey blade and it is an oriental slicing cleaver, super sharp and wide blade. The other two in the draw are a Victorinox filleting knife and utility knife from an old knife set. This new blade is a 240mm chefs knife so it can do it all. They come with a polished razor edge and usually manage to blood themselves in the first week of use when new, not generally by careless use, it tends to be an inadvertent touch on the bench or when putting it away. I used to cringe when I would see a staff member pick one up in the kitchen as they cut to the bone with out hesitation, then I would cut their finger off for touching my knife! If looked after they are as good as more expensive stuff like Shun, and this one is $180 compared to the Shun equivalent  being closer to $300. The I.O.SHEN knife is not as delicate as the Shun either.


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