Steak, Egg & Chips Two Ways

20140225_191252Steak Egg and Chips doesn’t have to be a death sentence. You can make them a bit healthier by using a bit of imagination. This is a nice little rump steak with baked Rice chips, baked pumpkin chips and a poached egg. I made a Thai curry last night and had some rice leftover and apart from fried rice this is my favourite thing to do with leftover rice. Just refrigerate overnite then press into a baking dish to desired thickness and slice into fingers (chips). You can bake/roast them or shallow fry. I usually fry them in a drizzle of avocado oil but baked like this in the convection oven they were extra crispy. The pumpkin chips made it on the plate in a bid to use up the last of a pumpkin. Throw in a perfectly poached egg for good measure and you have a new twist on an old favourite.


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