Gringo Enchiladas

20140117_19425820140117_18460120140117_19394820140117_19244820140117_19292320140117_194500Something we don’t eat a lot of, Mexican. I don’t know why, because we always enjoy it when I do make it. Paula had been asking for those chicken wrappy Mexican things…fa…burr…Enchiladas? Yes enchiladas! A chicken breast from the freezer, canned red kidney beans, chilli’s, tomato, onion, garlic, a little leafy greens (any will do, spinach, Asian greens) and I used a little fajita seasoning as I only had Asian red chilli’s not habanero or similar so needed that Mexican heat and taste. Lastly I added a can of diced tomato and salt and pepper. Wrap in tortillas and top with cheesy roux based sauce and bake for a bit until golden and oozy. I made a simple cucumber, tomato and corn salad to go with.


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