Wonton, Twoton, Threeton, More

20131226_19250820131226_18533320131226_18534120131226_192524Talk about sneaky obsessions. I love Wontons. I love all types, crispy fried like these and steamed dumpling style or in Wonton Soup and even Japanese Gyoza, although there is some flavour in gyoza that I’m not mad for. I make them at home a fair bit and they are very satisfying to produce, fold and cook. I have to admit I use shop bought wonton wrappers, because they are just too easy. You can fill them with nearly anything that takes your fancy but I tend to use pork, prawn or crab meat. Mix it with some fresh cabbage finely shredded and chopped and any other veg you like. You want very fine dice or shred and I also have fresh chilli and ginger in the mix. Soy sauce and fish sauce, lime juice, salt and pepper to season the mix and your ready to roll.















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