Sunshine Coast Swordfish

nov2013_58We spent 3 months living in the Mooloolah River in Mooloolaba and right next to the marina was the commercial fishing wharves. The variety of seafood was staggering and often fresh straight from the boat. The Major fishery company had a fresh seafood and fish and chip shop on site as well as a seafood restaurant. One of my favourite fish available was the Swordfish steaks. It is caught out from Mooloolaba so only goes on ice for a day or so and then comes in fresh. The quality is unbeatable and prices reasonable. We have very good seafood outlets here and I found fresh Mooloolaba Swordfish there. I served it pan seared with orange and ginger sauce ( have to break Paula’s addiction for it). The vegetables are grilled mushroom compote (oyster, shitake, shimeji, button mushrooms) w/ pumpkin and nutmeg mash and garlic choy nov2013_59sum.


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