Spanish Mackerel Steak w/ Curried Tofu Salad

nov2013_76nov2013_78nov2013_74nov2013_72Spanish Mackerel or Narrow Barred Mackerel are awesome fish. They grow to about 6 feet long and have a set of teeth Jaws would be envious of. They attack their prey by swimming up and biting their tails off then coming back around and eating them. The biggest of them are nearly unstoppable for all but the serious hunter of this species. They gather in almost plague proportions all around the Queensland coast and islands at certain times of year and will give even the best angler a workout. And to top off their fishing performance they are delicious eating. I bought this steak and Paula went for her favourite Atlantic Salmon. While seafood certainly can be expensive these two nice pieces of really fresh fish cost about $17.00, so say $20 for the two plates with salad.


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