Lamb Curry

nov2013_43Lamb is probably the red meat we eat the least of. I think its a combination of crazy prices for the better cuts and also the quality we see here, although I haven’t bought from the butchers for a long time just the supermarket dross ( damn you convenience). Because the quality of the lesser cuts is often average, if I do buy it I usually make a curry with it. This one was made with the left over paste from a previous Vindaloo. It had all the good Vindaloo flavours but being less quantity of paste it was not so searingly hot as my usual Vindaloo. Right at the end of cooking I threw in a couple of tablespoons of plain yoghurt (I use Greek because its just the best for it) Ok I probably really put about a half a cup in. Stir it threw until it just starts to split then serve. Add some poppadums and a raita, this is cucumber and apple with yoghurt and sprinkle with a little turmeric and garam masala for a bit of an Indian feel.


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