Chicken & Mango Noodle Curry

sept2013_72 Being oblivious to the politics of it I regularly mix different countries cuisines either through curiosity or necessity and the result is often pretty good. This was an example of that. I had made the curry the night before and had it for dinner tonight. I couldn’t be bothered waiting for rice so I heated up the curry which is an Indian style and then added Japanese Udon noodles from a vac-seeled pack. The fat white udon went well with the curry. This curry is Paulas favourite Its loosely based on a butter chicken recipe but with mango slices and juice sept2013_76its quite sweet and I make it mild for her. It would be good with these flavours and a lot more heat even fiery but I do plenty off hot Indian and Thai dishes so I’ll let her have that one as her own mellow one.


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