Foreign Food?






Well not exactly foreign food more foreign kitchen. Last week we house sat and doggy sat oh and snake minded too. It was nice to have a very well appointed full kitchen to play in. It was certainly different to my cooking arrangements on the boat. I am actually down to cooking with a single burner gas camp cooker ( still havent had time for the major gas repair job) and my trustee glass bowl and small sun convection cooker. Its one of those big glass bowl fan forced convection cookers you see on latenight shopping channels going by names like “flavour wave” and “turbo oven” etc. Small sun because being on a boat you notice power draw and it takes a cosmic event to power it to full crank. The food we ate is the same as on the boat but it was quite a bit easier to prepare and cook. I wont go into the microwave and mouse for the snake incident or the non stick pan, both kitchen implements I despise. Here are a selection of house meals including a KFC takeaway night.


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