Different Strokes

sept2013_14 Living on the coast of tropical Queensland offers a myriad of seafood options both bought and caught. Where we are there used to be huge trawling fleet and plenty of fish boats. Government buy backs and restrictions have seen the boats diminish but we can still get fantastic seafood locally, although the prices sometimes beggar belief. The beauty of having such freshness and variety is when we buy it we can choose from a wide range of products and because its sold by the kilo as much or as little of each item as we want. This meal was an example of that. Paula wanted here favourite ‘Atlantic Salmon’ grown in sea pens in the pristine Tasmanian waters and I went for one of my favourites ‘Red Throat Emperor’ or ‘Sweetlip’ a reef favourite in Qld. All pretty simple stuff, pan seared fillets and a nice garden salad and of course the obligatory ‘Orange and Ginger Sauce. sept2013_7sept2013_4sept2013_12


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