Dangerous Dinner

june2013_24This is a meal for the hunter gatherer in all of us. Mud Crabs or Mangrove Crabs depending where you live are delicious but as you can see from the photos they are very formidable prey to deal with. Easily capable of doing serious damage or possibly removing a finger it pays to treat them with all due care, even once you have them tied up. I have seen them crush 1/2 inch laminated plywood and have had the privilege of seeing one grab hold of an in-experienced deckhands thumb and then having to smash the claw off his thumb after the crab threw its claw leaving it clamped down on his now severely damaged digit. All that aside they are fantastic eating and readily caught in a simple net trap in most parts of Australia and throughout the Pacific. One of my favourite ways to eat them is like this, Chilli Mud Crab, more famously known as Singapore Chilli Mud Crab.june2013_27june2013_19

Battle won

Predator or Prey


Dinner trashing the galley


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