MAKE IT YOUR SELF!…sorry , make it your self.

mar2013_72mar2013_62    Making your food with base ingredients is so much more satisfying, cheaper and way better for you than eating highly processed food. Don’t get me wrong I like good quality takeaway meals too especially Asian food but it is still easy to eat nice food and fresh ingredients on a daily basis. Try It! instead of KFC or similar do what I’ve done here. I bought a smoked chicken from the super market and tossed it through a fresh garden salad made from stuff in the fridge. Make  dressing from what ever you have, I just throw them together before serving. This one was something like balsamic vinegar, lime juice, olive oil, caratino oil, sesame oil, salt and pepper and ginger all in small quantity. The chicken cost about $11 and I used the leftovers to make a Smoked Chicken Pizza the next night, make your own bases from scratch and its about $1.50 per pizza.

mar2013_71mar2013_58The smoked chicken pizza, salad and chook and the pizza base proving


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