Peri Peri Potency

mar2013_21 I have never been to Nandos. I used to see their adds on tv and they were that obscure I only assumed they were a restaurant by the chicken images. Now being a supermarket groupie I was trolling the sauce isle and saw the Nando Peri Peri Sauce. Having recently used the last of the birdseye chillis we grew I thought a hit of African Birdseye Chillis would do the trick. They only had medium heat rating sauce and while it had a good taste (with a few additions from the fridge) it was really lacking in heat. I dont use many bottled sauces but this one has a great colour and flavour and like most times I use a bottled sauce I added more ingredients to enhance the flavour and it could have really used some fresh chillis for a bit of bite. I bastardised the African feel by serving it on my worlds best potato mash and with steamed carrots and snow peas.



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