Tasmanian Salmon w/ White Balsamic and Lime Juice Reduction

mar2013_22Woohoo…finally found some fresh nice looking Tasmanian Salmon at the supermarket, although we did annoy the P!$% out of the Deli guy by making him shuffle the pieces so we could select the appropriate pieces we wanted. Its actually Atlantic Salmon and is bred  in the pristine Tasmanian waters. It is very rich fish and best cooked medium rare and suits most styles of cooking including pan seared like here, confit, baked, poached and steamed. I also use the thin smoked version for pasta. salads and sushi. Tonite I made a quick coleslaw from stuff in the fridge, its finely shredded carrot, finely sliced red seedless grapes, fine slices of shallot and finely shredded wombok (Chinese cabbage). The dressing is some kewpie mayo white balsamic and salt and pepper. The Sauce on the fish is a White Balsamic and Lime Juice reduction w/ Palm Sugar.



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