Kangaroo Another Red Meat

feb2013_113   Skippy,  Skippy, the bush Kangaroo. Skippy, Skippy with a red wine and shallot jus…Stop it, show some decorum. Apparently this is the only country where we eat our national coat of arms, I haven’t tried Emu yet but Kangaroo is quite tasty.
I like it a lot but Paula just can’t eat it, tonight she had maybe three mouthfuls and had to stop eating it. A lot of people site a tangy coppery taste like many game animals have. I have tasted that but it was in a roo steak. This mini roast reminded me of lamb ( maybe a lamb that had a stag for a daddy as it is a bit like venison) and I couldn’t taste the coppery flavour Paula says she could taste. I think Paula’s aversion is more prior knowledge rather than any taste issue. I cooked this roast on the bbq along with the veges other than the asparagus in egg and cheese sauce. The sauce is a Red Wine and Shallot Jus.


feb2013_108  Kangaroo is 98% fat free, high in protein, high in iron and low in saturated fats.


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