Thom Kha Gai

feb2013_35This is a first for me, I love Thai food but don’t often make it at home. Mainly because there is usually a good Thai take away or restaurant close to hand in most Australian towns. Where I live however that’s not the case. There is Thai restaurant within stones throw of where our boat is berthed, its a beautiful looking place and although I haven’t eaten in, I was so underwhelmed by the takeway that I rang the restaurant and asked if they were really Thai.
There are other Thai places in  town but we haven’t tried them, I hope they are good. Anyway, firsts, this is my first shot at making Thom Kha Gai or Thai Coconut Chicken Soup. Although I made it a little less spicy than typical Thai heat levels due to Paula’s chilli sensitivity and having a guest for dinner of unknown spice tolerance, it tasted pretty authentic going by the various versions we have bought. Its a bit hard to see in the pic but there is a mound of coconut rice in the centre of the dish and the soup is ladeled on and around it. I added extra sliced birdseye chilli to mine but the others decided against it, wise move, they are the chillis we grew on the boat and I’ve never had sweeter or hotter birdseye chillis before. If anyone has never tried Thai and would like a good introduction to it this dish is a good starting point, it has most of the typical Thai flavours like galangal, chilli, coconut, fish sauce, ginger, lemongrass and importantly lime. The lime juice is added after cooking just prior to serving this gives the dish a fresh citrus zing as you eat it. I also added fresh seasonal veg, this one has snowpeas, carrot, mushroom, wombok and baby corn.


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