Sex On A Plate

jan2013_65 jan2013_67 jan2013_68


Ah ah ah ohhhhhh oh yeah aaahhhhhhhhhh yeah oooohhhhhh…aaaaaahhhhhhhh. Light me up. That was the best thing I’ve eaten for a long time. It was a spur of the moment invention after looking at a picture on the front of a packet of smoked salmon. We had it for lunch today after shopping and I had two helpings like the one in the photo. It starts with a layer of alfalfa sprouts, then strips of smoked salmon thin slices of radish a few alfalfa sprouts, chilli mayo drizzles, really thin potato slices fried crispy and sweet potato slices too. Then just go up in layers. I made a sticky teriyaki  glaze to drizzle over. With some of the ingredients like kewpie mayo, sweet chilli and teriyaki sauce      being some of the staples in my galley this dish fed the two of us for about$5 a plate.


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