Box Baked Brie


I was talking with ‘Bec of the airconditioned office’ at work the other day and she mentioned a dish they used to serve in a restaurant where she worked in London. Now the dish she spoke of was done with camenbert but I only had triple cream brie so went with that.It is Box Baked Brie w/ fresh tomato, mint, romano cheese salsa and Bruschettina. Just take the Brie still in the box and wrapped and place in a preheated oven at around 165c for say 8-12 minutes depending on size. You can unwrap the cheese and add ingredients to it before wrapping, boxing and baking. Maybe pink pepper corns, herbs, fresh sliced chilli or what ever takes your fancy. We were going to put slices of fresh date in it but Paula used them all the night before to make devils on horseback. Slice the top rind off and push added ingredients into the cheese inside and then return top and wrap for baking. Bake your bruschettina until crunchy then cut into fingers to dip in the cheese. Oh, it probably goes without saying but use the card board and foil wrapped cheese, not the plastic container ones.






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