Where the Magic Happens

  It never really occurred to me to show where the magic happens, but Paula thought people may be interested to see where I do my most of my cooking. I guess I’m just used to making do with what I have. Paula actually said she is constantly amazed how we can have a three course meal with multiple ingredients and components yet I only have two burners to do it all on. This stove is a bit annoying, its heat output is not fantastic and the oven is hopeless. I have one of those glass bowl convection type ovens that I put on the steps to do my roasting and baking in but other than that its all on these two burners. I don’t tend to use the convection oven out at sea as we have a 2kva genset but the oven needs the energy of three burning stars and an exploding planet to power it. I am going to add a baby Q Weber BBQ soon but it is going to hang off the rail outside. As you can see from the other pics my kitchen is small, especially when there is a stack of dishes sitting there waiting to be dried. I use the companionway stairs as my prep bench. It works well I don’t need to move around the kitchen as everything is within easy reach, although it can be a bit scary if I drop one of my razor sharp knives, not much room to get out of the way when it falls. You can probably imagine what I can do in a fully equipped commercial kitchen. I really should buy a restaurant, there’s a cafe for sale here in the marina I would love to buy, its the perfect sized room for what I want to do and has a good sized kitchen and great location. Stupid thing is despite owning our boat outright and having no debt and being Dinks ( double income no kids) because we live on a boat the banks won’t lend us the money to do it. They say what if we default and run away without paying the loan, like home owners don’t do the same thing…tossers!




I am going to rip the galley out and redesign it with high output burners and get rid of the stove. You may note lots of stainless dishes and bowls etc, they don’t rust and after a storm once at sea that emptied the shelves behind the stove we avoid anything breakable where we can. The cups and glasses came out with such force that the fridge on the other side of the boat still sports the dents and scars, we put a net up when we travel now.


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