Slammin Salmon And Orange Hard Sauce

 Made this after the football grand final the other night. We got carried away watching the game and having a few red rums and forgot about dinner. About ten minutes from full-time I lost interest and went in search of food. We had just shopped and had fresh Atlantic Salmon and fresh veges and salad stuff. I just pan seared the salmon in butter and peeled some fresh potato rounds into hot oil and made a fresh salad that Paula says I’m not allowed to divulge the ingredients of as its so good (pretty easy to figure out if  you open up the picture fully). A couple of days earlier I was playing around with oranges and came up with the topping on the fish, I’m calling it ‘Orange, Ginger & Chilli Hard Sauce‘. Its kinda like a mouse consistency, quite firm…hence hard sauce, you might have to be related to get that recipe. Other than the prepared sauce it was about 20mins go to whoa and the best meal we have had for a long time, sometimes it all just comes together







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