Best Burgers are House Burgers!



 Where do you get the best hamburgers…at home of course! I love a good burger and I am constantly disappointed when I buy them let alone I have trouble finding a proper burger bar at all. There are the so called world burger type places but despite sounding good they often fall prey to the franchise mentality of using the seemingly worst meat and flavour combinations available. I like an old fashioned meat and salad burger, a Works Burger something with the lot. Here we have my house (albeit boat) burger, traditional burger bun, steak sauce, cheese, beef pattie, fried pineapple, egg, beetroot, tomato, mayo and lettuce…everything a burger should be. I have to admit I do make all sorts of burgers including chicken, fish, lamb, pork and they are a bit flash sometimes but I still think you can’t beat a good ole works burger. Paula goes for a slightly more manageable version (see below)


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