Lamb is coming down in price…about bloody time! Lamb in Australia has been at ridiculous prices until very recently. Now it has been dragged into the ‘Big Two’ grocery war. Coles and Woolworths the two food extortionists in Australia are having price wars on everyday items and compete to see who can put the most primary producers out of business. Call me cynical but their so called consumer concern is more like price collusion than competition but occasionally we the consumer do benefit from there games. Lamb has just made it into the battle with both stores reducing the price to near reasonable prices. Hailing originally from the land of the long white cloud I have always liked lamb. Actually mutton is nicer but it seems to be next to impossible to get anymore. I love lamb racks and don’t mind a shank or roast either. The other day I got a half leg roast for $10 and it was just enough for the two of us for dinner and a little bit for the hounds. A rack is my favourite cut and I will often de-bone a rack to give a nice lamb fillet. For the ultimate result I will sous vide the lamb to just rare and then pan sear to caramalise the outside and leave a perfect medium rare fillet…YUM! Under done lamb has a bit of a funky taste and smell so med-rare is best I feel. For the best lamb see a good butcher and you will be able to get the cuts that the big stores ignore, try and get a chump chop at the supermarket here! Living in the tropics there are not too many of the woolie jumpers farmed around here but if you live near a farm you can’t beat farm fresh lamb and you may well get the older and in my opinion tastier Mutton. If you haven’t tried mutton ham you are missing out, get your butcher to cure a mutton leg for you its great.


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