How to Win Friends and Influence People

Want to win friends and influence people? Well make this for them. I guess you would call it Seafood Marinara Bread Salad. I had a french bread stick going stale (perfect) and some nice fresh seafood so I decided to invent this dish. Not really a new thing in the world but it’s a tasty twist on an old theme. To start make a nice Napoli Sauce ( or use a bought one), cook some Penne or similar and break up your bread into bite size chunks. Bake the bread off until going golden and crunchy, sautee your seafood until just cooked, typically use squid, prawns, atlantic salmon, white fish, scallops and mussels or small clams etc. Toss all together with warm pasta, crunchy bread, olives, feta, sun dried tomatoes, chopped chives and the napoli sauce, oh drizzle with a good olive oil. If this doesn’t get your friends juicing call an ambulance…they are DEAD!


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