Pass De Roesti From the Left Hand Side

I love Roesti’s. What? I hear you say. Roesti, is basically a vegetable pancake. While a lot of them are made from potato you can use almost any type of veg. One of my favourite and the one used here is Sweet Potato and Ginger. Here I have used them to make a Sweet Potato & Ginger, Smoked Salmon Roesti Stack. The white saucy looking stuff is Creme Fraiche and Horse Radish Cream with chopped chives. To make the roesti, grate sweet potato and add finely chopped or grated fresh ginger ( don’t use jarred or minced) seasoning, 1tbs of plain flour and some chopped parsley (flat leaf) and mix. Place in a clean cotton tea towel or similar and wring out as much moisture as possible. Then just pan fry small amounts (pancake size) fry in a little butter or oil until golden brown on both sides, keep warm. To assemble place  roesti on a plate and layer alternate layers of roesti, salmon, creme fraiche to make a three roesti stack. Top with creme fraiche and slivers of salmon. You can make the roesti in advance and just reheat in a pan or oven when needed (fresh is best). I have made them with zuchinni too and they are great, but they are just as good when you use up nearly any left over fresh veg. With these I have included a small Cucumber and alfalfa salad and some Vandyked cherry tomatoes. Oh the plastic plates are from a stint of trying to avoid dishes on board (not really practical). This plate took minutes to prepare and cook and was delicious, a great light meal for the tropical temps we get here.


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