Yahoo The Markets Going Belly Up

I love Pork Belly…there I’ve said it! The cunning buggers from the Pork Mafia have made it so readily available and reasonably priced that us poor CRACKling addicts have no chance of getting clean. I think the secret is to limit your intake at any one sitting. Being so rich and fatty allows for much smaller servings. I’ve played around with different cooking methods and quite frankly old fashioned roasting is probably the quickest and with crunchy crackling is always a good thing. If you are looking for excellent presentation it is worth taking the time to double cook and press it over night. This forces a lot of the gelatinous material out of the meat giving it a tighter and cleaner meaty texture. The gel can be added to stock or sauces as its full of porky goodness. Recently I split an extra large belly and roasted one half for dinner and Sous Vide the other half in a curry marinade. I used the resulting curry flavoured pork belly to make Curried Pork Noodles…yum. Pork belly is well priced here as far as pork goes anyway and lets face it any meat that can sustain its place on the US futures market ( people invest and gamble on its future price) has got to be good.



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