Pickled Tiger

It’s probably ironic that it was a South African that first told me that they call Corned Beef “Pickled Tiger‘ what with there being no tigers …in Africa! But then when I was a kid and would pester to know what was for dinner, not once did the often threatened Sh#T On A Stick appear at the table, irony or good fortune?…Anyway if you grew up in NZ you probably call it corned silverside or just silverside. I know families hand down their own versions of this semi national dish, including MUST have accompanying vegetables namely, mashed potato, carrots, and cabbage and the MANDATORY Sweet Mustard Sauce. If you are eating Silverside all is good in the world and someone loves you. We have all done the three-day binge. Silverside and veg for tea thursday, silverside sandwiches friday lunch and silverside fritters saturday brunch!…haven’t we…Just me? This silverside was excellent I cooked it in the pressure cooker for an hour and half. Now I don’t usually mess with the ‘Classics’ But it was such a nice one I thought I’d Tart it up a bit. I’ve kept it fairly true, there is mash, and carrots and silverside, I usually do fried cabbage with it but I caramalised some thin sliced fennel to go on top, and a little broccoli for colour with the sweet potato puree. And of course Honey on the carrots, we got given some locally homemade honey a couple of days ago, its much nicer than shop bought.


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