New Zealands National Curry?

I love a curry, nearly any curry, even the fiery Indian Vindaloo. I love Vindaloo I make my own paste from scratch and its a doozy, even some hardened curry savvy Poms I used to work with got caught in that unique vindaloo catch 22. Your brain says give me more but your tongue screams for relief. The poms bring me to my point, sort of. Birmingham and Bristol and certain other English cities are reknowned for their curries and I think Birmingham’s supposed to be the home to the hottest and best. You might think India but apparently the English ones contain the best of the traditional with local tweaks. There is a huge Indian and Pakistani population in England so not too surprising I guess. Anyway…back to New Zealand. Curried Sausages would have to be the NZ national curry. We all seem to do it, and I see Kiwis all over the place have taken it with them. What amazes me is I reckon I can tell Curried Sausages that have been cooked by a Kiwi, theres something we do that makes them all have a particular underlying taste, no matter how hot or mild. Maybe its the Keens. I would have to say that this is my favourite thing to do with some sausages. What better meal on a cold winters day with a lazy easterly throwing sleet at your windows.


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