Not Fish And Chips Again?

Living on a boat you spend a lot of time away from shops and things like restaurants and takeaway food. You also tend to eat a lot of fish and one takeaway that is easy to replicate at sea is Fish and Chips. Potatoes keep well at sea and batter is easy to make so we will often have golden crunchy fish n chips anchored behind an island somewhere miles from civilisation. But too much of a good thing is sometimes well… too much, so I trick it up a bit and give us a more up market version. This one I have done with Atlantic Salmon because we are in port and it was really fresh in and well priced. I have done similar at sea with Coral Trout and Red Throat Emperor. It’s still Kinda fish n chips, theres fish and potato chips, and parsnip chips. There are two Potato…Columns about an inch square and two & 1/2 inches long on Ginger and Garlic Sweet Potato Puree, topped with the Pan Seared Salmon and the Orange and Ginger Butter Sauce. The Veg is Green Pea Puree and Parsnip Slivers and the sweet potato garnish on the edge of the plate. I have to admit I licked my plate. We had fish and chips from the shop here in the marina the other night and it cost just under $20. With the two pieces of salmon costing $10.30 I would say it cost me about $7.50 per plate to make this.


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