From Budget To Banquet

I love taking really cheap ingredients and turning them into something plate worthy. Recently I was looking for something for dinner in the freezer when I found a kilo of chicken wings. Usually I use chicken wings for making sticky Buffalo wings with some sort of sweet sticky sauce as finger food or as a Saturday lunch.

Being in the middle of a vege craving I wanted more than just nibbles, so I decided to halve and bone the chicken wings and stuff them with something and have with some nice fresh veg’s. Never having bothered to bone something as small as a half chicken wing, it was a bit finicky to start but after doing a couple it only took a minute or two to bone each one. I left the skin intact so I could have crispy skin. As a concession to Paula I stuffed them with ham cheese and pineapple then rolled them up in clingwrap to make little balotines. I then poached them off in chicken stock dried them and then pan-fried them until golden and crispy. They came up really well, good enough that with a bit more care and different filling it could be a restaurant worthy entrée.

It was well worth the effort and for $2.99kg looked pretty good, not to mention there was a good deal of satisfaction in the process and result. I have since done whole wings stuffed with mushroom compote and garlic puree emmmmmmm.

The process is much the same for stuffed chicken leg or duck etc and the filling is open to your imagination. If you wanted a lower fat version remove the skin and just poach the balotine in stock, skip the frying. Another way I want to try the chicken wing is to thread about four pieces onto lemon grass stalk and barbecue in a Weber, maybe baste with sweet soy and chilli. The other thing the chicken wings would be great for is a canapé or as finger food at your next party.


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