…Of Fudge and Fairy Bread

When I met the love of my life she was eighteen and wild and lived on  milo+milk and toast and her cooking abilities were limited to plugging that toaster in. In the past 18+ yrs she has cooked probably 4 main meals and despite my extensive cooking knowledge has managed to stay relatively cooking illiterate. I say relatively, because one thing my darling does do well is sweets. Somehow sugar based items are indelibly etched into her mind. The featured pic is one of her best, Chocolate Fudge. Everything fudge should be sweet but not sickly
and best of all quick and easy, many a sugar seeking rampage has been quelled by fast fudge facilitation. Other specialities are Deep Fried Ice Cream, the best Banana Pancakes and Apple Fritters. And just when you think its safe to relax she will drag you back to your childhood with Fairy Bread or Choc Coated Strawberries. These days she will eat most things I put in front of her including “green things” and even some of her sworn enemies like onion and Brussel sprouts, despite most meals undergoing a forensic grade autopsy, looking for unwanted ingredients.

Fairy Bread 

Choc Coated Strawberries


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