Why we do what we do

Being the youngest of seven kids and growing up on a 1/4 acre block with a vege garden the size of the average tennis court and around 15 or so fruit trees, I had an opportunity to get to love fresh food and learn how to use it in a wide variety of ways. When I was  a kid we didn’t have the internet or Ipads, Ipods or facebook or even video players for the early years…what we had was better it was called…Outside. Living on the outer edge of the suburbs I had the selection of a multitude of orchards and market gardens to sustain me and my mates on our weekend adventures. Some of my earliest memories of cooking were cooking under ripe granny smith apples on a fire (quite foolhardely lit) in the bough of a massive pine tree or number one hut, as it was known to those in the know. While those apples resulted in crook guts all round a valuable lesson was learnt (aside from don’t light fires in trees)…have heat will eat.

From those early days I have explored almost every way of cooking food known to modern man, and ya know what?, it’s often the most work that creates the greatest satisfaction. Until this day I still remember the first time I ever dug a hole in the ground for a Hangi (ground oven). Largely because the block of ground we lived on consisted mostly of bedrock and it took around five attempts in various spots to find a spot I could dig deep enough to achieve the depth required. But the swearing and cursing and jarring shovel were all forgotten as the first morsel of ground baked pork leg and steaming sweet potato touched my lips. When you live on a boat you find many new ways to both prepare and cook food and perhaps readers will find some inspiration to give some things a go. Sometimes I will post recipes other times I may just talk about food other times I may just tease with a pic. I hope who ever you are, at the very least  you get hungry.


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